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It is important that you view the details (click on an option of interest) of the estimated credit to obtain an understanding of the credit requirements and what type of credit is offered.

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This function lists pathway options to CSU that we are familiar with. Therefore, even if there are no suitable results we may still have available options that apply to you. Refer to minimum entry requirements or contact CSU.

*Credit is indicated on a point basis. Generally a 1 session/term subject = 8 points. For example where 16 points is offered it generally indicates the equivalent of a 2 session/term subject.

Where credit points are indicated it assumes articulation (guaranteed entry based on course availability) into the relevant CSU course with the potential of attracting the credit indicated.

Where 'Articulation without credit' is indicated it assumes that CSU has pre-assessed the content of learning and has determined that with such prior learning a person could articulate (guaranteed entry based on course availability) into the CSU course but no credit would be granted based on this learning.

Refer to CSU's Credit Rule policy for further details on credit:

Pathway packages indicate recognition of prior learning as previously approved by CSU.The information on this site is indicative only and is not an offer or contract. All arrangements for approved recognition of prior learning remain subject to CSU's rules, policies and procedures. Changes in pathway packages may occur at any time without notice, including as a result of changes to agreements with CSU's pathway program partners or changes to CSU's courses or other relevant circumstances. CSU retains the discretion not to accept an application for recognition of prior learning, or to make an alternative offer of recognition that maximises an applicant's credit, having regard to any unique details of prior learning that CSU considers relevant.